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2008-02-08 22:11:16 by mamacaddyhat

so. heres my awesomated flash idea that I hope wil make at least 1 person remember me once im gone. if i ever am.

it is a series of bad advert parodies, such as crapple advertising the ifish, and barry scott screaming about his new cillit whang shampoo and head cleaner. I have many ideas in stock, and so far have made the menu for my latest flash. I am planning to put a lot of effort into it, and putting all of my skills into it. 7-hopefully maybe even i will be favourited, or get a daily place, or... or!....

ok. i need some sleep. my spellings going off and i am starting to dream. (see line 7)

anyway, if you have a bad advert parody you can think of, just leave a comment and it will be considered.
Or, if you want to add to an idea of mine, feel fre. if you want to vote 5 and 10 when the movie comes out, also feel free :)



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